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Access approved agrochemical products in more than 50 countries with "Global Agro Product Directory" is an Agrochemical product directory with relevant documents such as Label, Factsheet, monographs, and certificates.

More than 55 countries: Argentina; Australia; Austria; Bangladesh; Brazil; Canada; Chile; China; Colombia; Denmark; Dominica; Finland; France; Georgia; Germany; Greece; Guyana; Hungary; India; India; Israel; Italy; Jamaica; Japan; Kenya; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malaysia; Malta; Moldova; Morocco; Netherland; Norway; Paraguay; Philippines; Poland; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Korea; Spain; Sri Lanka; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey; Ukraine; Ukraine; United Kingdom; Uruguay and USA.

Global Agro Product Directory

"Global Agro Product Directory" is an Agrochemical product directory, wherein all approved agrochemical product can be tracked.

  • Approved products with all business as well as scientific information
  • Label (English translated wherever), factsheet, monograph documents
  • Crop, use and other recommendation
  • Registered company with their registration number
  • Technical and formulation supplier with their contact information
  • Importers of formulation as well as technical
  • Product image as well as product trademark images

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