Agro-Regulatory & Registration Services

We have experienced team of CIB & RC guidelines which will provide the perfect advice to the customer.

1. Preparation of Registration dossier

  • 9(3) TI, TIM, FI, FIM, FI (WRT) etc.
  • 9(4) TIM, TI, FI and FIM etc.
  • Label expansion for 9(3) registration as well as 9(4) registration
  • Import permit application
  • Shelf life enhancement.
  • Packaging endorsement
  • Label and leaflet preparation as per new Gazette Notification ready for submission.
  • Source change application as per the requirement.

2. Any guidelines related issue

3. Provide help for deficiency raised by CIB & RC

We provide technical service for CIB & RC for Registration of pesticides and other allied services.

We are the dominant and developing consultant and render services related to registration of Pesticides, Insecticides, Bio-Pesticides, Herbicide, fungicide and house-hold insecticides.

    Registration of Insecticides, Pesticides, Agrochemicals, Bio-pesticides With CIB & RC (Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee) U/s 9(3B), 9(3) & 9(4) of the Insecticides Act, 1968, Govt. of India.
    Maintenance Services includes the renew and registration of pesticides and other agrochemicals. It also includes all the previous issued licenses and registered pesticides or agricultural insecticides by other pesticides consulting firms.
    Generation of Data: Generation of Toxicology data (Acute, Sub Acute, Sub-Chronic, Chronic, Genotoxicity, Ecotoxicity) GLP and Non-GLP as per the guidelines of CIB&RC, OECD, EPA and its evolution.
    Documents/Dossier preparation for Agrochemicals/public health use product for registration in India only.Generation of Chemistry, Bio-efficacy data documents through (GLP and Non-GLP) laboratories and its Evaluation.