We cater to clients across chemical industries including Pesticide, Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, and more. The Firm is at the forefront of the changes sweeping the Patent landscape in India.

India is a signatory to the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), the Paris Convention and the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT), thereby enabling patent holders to protect their rights in multiple countries without losing priority.

There are four Patent Offices in the cities of Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai respectively.

The Firm provides comprehensive Patent services including Protection, Enforcement, Commercialization and a suite of Search and Analytics services.

Patents Services

Identifying new opportunities

  • Identifying valued products and preparing the brief summary and its portfolio for the client for their initial assessment
  • Finding a GAP in technology such as process, combination, and polymorph, etc.
  • According to the goals of the client, develop IP Strategies
  • Build a sustainable and enforceable portfolio
  • Periodical assessment of the strategy to suit the growing needs of the client
  • Monitoring close competitors for infringement

Search, Analytics, Freedom to Operate Search
(Non-Infringement) and Patentability Analysis

  • Identifying the patents of interest filed using search strings
  • In-depth analysis of identified patents for infringement
  • Shortlisting of the key patents for further analysis and reporting
  • Generating report describing the summary of the findings and freedom to operate opinion
  • Continue monitoring of the patents/patent applications, if required
  • A thorough analysis of the given invention for patentability
  • Customized report formats as per client requirements

Invalidity Search

  • Protecting clients from patent trolls and infringement suits by identifying essentially relevant prior art using innovative search strategies along with comprehensive searches including file wrapper analysis, inequitable conduct, detailed citation analysis, etc.
  • Prepare detailed patent invalidity (or patent validity) report that can be used as an invalidity defense, when facing a patent infringement suit
  • Applying our in-depth expertise in the implications of patent law

Business Development

  • Providing clients the all possible assistance they need in negotiations by assessing the strength of one or more patents in support of a possible licensing deal or acquisition
  • Providing the strategic approach to the clients IP portfolio

Patent Drafting, Filing and Prosecution

  • Assisting inventors to determine if inventions are patentable
  • Drafting original patent applications, working directly with inventors to generate detailed written descriptions and claims
  • Consulting to develop patent strategies for filing and maintaining patents
  • Filing applications at the Indian Patent Office - Provisional, Complete, Conventional as well as national phase entry applications
  • Preparing and filing Pre-grant oppositions, post grant oppositions as well as revocation with Indian Patent Office
  • Assisting in filing PCT applications and patent applications in patent offices outside India
  • Challenging patent validity in differing types of post-grant proceedings in multiple jurisdictions
  • Patent prosecution includes translation as well as responses to office actions