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SN Name of ChemRobotics Database Country Molecule Name Name of Documents Updation Remarks Downloads
1 ChemRobotics- AgroPat Database Global Trifloxystrobin AgroPat Product Details February 2020 AgroPat Product Report on Trifloxystrobin – it’s a Product Landscape. Online AgroPat platform will have some data, which cannot be exported in PDF format as it has different nature. Hence, some independent excel download options are provided in those section of databases.   ChemRobotics- AgroPat Product Details - Trifloxystrobin

2 ChemRobotics- AgroPat Database Global Trifloxystrobin Synthesis Report February 2020 Synthesis Report is prepared manually based on commercial & IP understanding.   Synthesis Report - Trifloxystrobin

3 ChemRobotics- AgroPat Database Global Trifloxystrobin Patent Landscape February 2020 Patent Landscape report has “PATENT TYPE” filter, wherein you can filter Composition, Process, Compound (Product Patent), Method of Use (MOU) patents etc. based on the particular department function need.   Trifloxystrobin-Patent Landscape_02022020

4 ChemRobotics- AgroPat Database Global Trifloxystrobin Polymorphism & Impurity Chapter(s) February 2020 All Patents and Non-patent literature are cited in the Polymorphism Chapter with prior art polymorph commentary.   Polymorphism Chapter

5 ChemRobotics- AgroPat Database Indian Tetraniliprole Indian Product Patent (Granted Specification) February 2020 All Indian Patents specification download as original from Indian Patent Office (IPO) with their chemical structures and figures   Indian Product Patent - IN316066

6 ChemRobotics- AgroPat Database USA Trifloxystrobin Factsheet February 2020 Technical Review Document : Fact sheets are designed to answer questions that are commonly asked by the general public about pesticides and pesticide related topics.   US EPA Factsheet - Trifloxystrobin

7 ChemRobotics- AgroPat Database FAO Trifloxystrobin FAO February 2020 Technical Review Document - FAO is publishing specifications for pesticides and their related formulations, as well the accompanying manual on the development and use of these specifications. It also discloses the impurity as well as metabolite profile.   FAO - Trifloxystrobin

8 ChemRobotics- AgroPat Database USA, Europe, Australia Trifloxystrobin US, EP & AU Review Reports / Re-registation review February 2020 Technical Review Document - It discloses pesticide product profile and their studies with concluding remarks. It also provides comments on GAP analysis. It also discloses impurity as well as metabolite profile.   EP Review Report - Trifloxystrobinn

9 ChemRobotics- AgroPat Database Global Trifloxystrobin Safety Data Sheet (SDS) February 2020 Technical Review Document- SDS (formerly known as MSDS) includes information such as the properties of each chemical; the physical, health, and environmental health hazards; protective measures; and safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting the chemical.   Safety Data Sheet - Trifloxystrobin

10 Global Agro Product Directory (GAPD) Brazil Trifloxystrobin Brazil Monograph February 2020 Global Agro Product Directory contain thousands of labels for solo as well as combination products from different 40 countries including Australia; Austria; China; Denmark; Malta; Turkey; Uruguay; Argentina; Bangladesh; Brazil; Canada; Chile; Colombia; Dominica; France; Georgia; Germany; Greece; Guyana; India; Israel; Italy; Jamaica; Kenya; Malaysia; Netherland; Paraguay; Philippines; Poland; Slovakia; Spain; Sri Lanka; Sweden; UK; Ukraine and USA.   Brazil Monograph - Trifloxystrobin

11 Global Agro Product Directory (GAPD) Brazil Trifloxystrobin Product Directory Data February 2020 Same Above   Global Agro Product Directory (GAPD) - Trifloxystrobin (Brazil)

12 Global Agro Product Directory (GAPD) USA Trifloxystrobin Solo label February 2020 Same Above   Solo label- 01 of Trifloxystrobin

13 Indian Pesticide Database (IPD) India Trifloxystrobin Indian Pesticide Database Data February 2020 Indian Pesticide Database provides first approval and subsequent approval of solo & combination products detail in India   Indian Pesticide Database (IPD) - Trifloxystrobin

14 ChemRobotics MRL Database Australia Trifloxystrobin MRL Data February 2020 MRL database provides maximum residue limits in different counties like USA, Europe, Japan, Canada, China, India, Australia, Israel, Malaysia and Taiwan. Sample data is provided for Australia only   ChemRobotics MRL Database -Trifloxystrobin Australia